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Financial statement audit and assurance service

Statutory and Voluntary audit service and other assurance services
Referral audit services for oversea parent company’s auditor

Advisory service

Financial Due diligence service and Support service for internal control improvement
Other accounting conversion services and valuation support services

Support for public offering preparation

Short review service and support services for improvement of financial reporting structure.

Provide Assurance for RISK MONEY

"FUNDS for business growth" is invested in assets or businesses with potential to generate returns. We verify and express our audit opinion from an independent standpoint as to whether the funds are properly managed and its financial information is properly reported.
Also, certain entities that manage risk money such as financial institutions or funds may be required to submit the audited financial statements by laws and regulations. We provide audit services for those financial statements.

Management and efficient use of invested funds

There are potential needs of investors who want to know the status of invested funds in a timely and appropriate manner. This is because the information will be used for purposes such as decision-making for flexible and effective management of the RISK MONEY and financial reporting of the investors themselves.
In addition, as the accounting standards are becoming increasingly globalized, complicated, and sophisticated, it could create an excessive burden for those investing and managing RISK MONEY in fulfilling their accountability. We will provide support to help fulfill their accountability.

Solve together challenges during business growth

When "RISK MONEY" is invested in businesses, those businesses are expected to make a sound growth. Generally, business challenges differ depending on the stage of business growth.
The business value which measures the degree of growth is estimated based on key performance indicators such as sales and profit, and those stable performance can be achieved only when the corporate functions are organically integrated and working effectively.
We will support management teams who are eager to increase their corporate value and have a proper "issue awareness."

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